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The Little Things …

As I have written in other posts, it’s all the small details that really add up and make weddings memorable and amazing.  When my friend Kristin got married last year, one of the touches that I made sure they had were the straws that were served with drinks.  Instead of the boring, plain straws, I opted for the stripey straws.  They make drinks more fun and add that special touch!  As you will see in the pictures below, they come in different colors and you can choose the way you display them to make the bar area super cute!  Enjoy!

Cell Phone Cases

I currently have just an orange ‘bumper’ on my iPhone … and I’ve wanted a personalized case, but haven’t ordered one yet because I hadn’t found a company that had patterns that I liked, or cool monograms, etc … BUT … as always, Dabney Lee has come through and has started doing cell phone cases.  As we all know if you read my blog, I love all things Dabney Lee!  The swatches, the colors, the monograms, etc …

                                                                                                                                                                           It was definitely tough to pick a swatch that I wanted … I’m sure that I will end up with about 5 of them and will just switch them out every so often!  I’m so glad these came out when they did as they are a perfect stocking stuffer or holiday grab bag gift for someone!  They make them for both iPhone and Blackberry models.  Email me for more details and to see all swatches available!!

dabney lee JOY!!!

A few months back at the Stationery Show in NYC, Dabney Lee unveiled their new Holiday book, JOY.  I was in love with it!!  So many new designs!  It mimics their At Home line, in that the patterns are very similar.  I absolutely love every single one and I can’t wait to show them to my customers!!  Here are just a few to give you a little taste…

Merry + Bright

Bright Tiles

I already have one customer that has picked out her Holiday Card from me!  If you get in touch with me and we can get the order in before the end of October, you will receive 20% Off!!  I also love this book because there are options that you can do without a photo.  So often people want to send a card, but their kids are grown up, or they didn’t get a picture in time.  There really aren’t a ton of options out there (well … cute options that is), but now there are!!  Email me if you want to see the entire collection or set up a time to meet!

Winter Safari



Neon Stationery …

J. Crew Sandal

Tibi Sweater

Neon is everywhere these days!  From clothing, to shoes, and now even stationery!  When neon colors first appeared in the fashion world last Spring, it seemed like it was a flash back to the 80’s  … but now, two amazing companies have done ‘neon’ in a more fashionable, wearable way.  J. Crew did their ever popular capri sandle this year in neon pink (now on sale for $29.99), and Tibi did a hot pink sweater for this coming fall!

Two of my stationery companies (because they’re so amazing and wonderful and up on trends) have come out with some great new designs and color combinations.

Above is a sneak peak from Linda & Harriett’s new 2012 Calendar.  There are a ton of amazing new designs and patterns, so be sure to let me know if you want me to put a new aside for you when they come in!  They make awesome gifts, especially around the holiday time so people have them for the start of the new year!

Dabney Lee does Neon!

Dabney Lee also has a limited edition run of hot pinks and oranges in their popular ‘fireworks’ print.  The font and font color can be changed on the front, as well as the position of the text.  I have really liked doing my name on the top left hand corner of stationery these days, but … bottom right is fun too!

I hope the neon trends keeps up a little bit longer and we continue to see pops of fun color this Fall … both with stationery and clothing …

Great Summer Notepads …

Linda & Harriett Notepads

I wrote a post a year ago about items from Linda & Harriett.  While I still do great with all their products (birthday book, calendars & greeting cards) one item that does extremely well for me is their notepads.  I stocked up on the previous designs before they stopped doing them, but the designer, Liz, has brought them back!  This time she is using a watercolor look / feel which I love.

I have already sold out of the crab notepads and had to reorder them about two weeks after getting the first shipment.  The sailboats are another favorite of my customers.  They are priced incredibly well and make a great gift!

Greeting Cards …

There’s nothing more amazing than getting a little card in the mail from a friend … I recently received a little greeting card from one of my favorite paper companies from my best friend.  It was just a little note to say hi, and it quite possibly made my week.
Mr. Boddingtons has a new collection of letterpressed cards and I couldn’t get my hands on them fast enough!  It’s possible that I have ordered about 95% of the cards that they have produced.  I’m obsessed with all things Mr. Boddingtons (I will post more things about this company in another blog … it deserves it’s own post!!)


Every time my friends do something amazing, or accomplish something great (or even if its just a little card to say hi), I send a little greeting card so they know I am thinking of them.  It’s so much more personal than an email, or a facebook post.

I’ve already posted this little card from Linda & Harriet, but … it still remains to be one of my favorites!  One of my best friends gave it to her (now) husband on the day of their wedding along with the present she was giving to him.  She bought it months before, but was saving it for their wedding day.
If you’re looking for a specific kind of greeting card, let me know, and I can email you different pictures.  There are ones for weddings, engagements, bridesmaids cards, birthday, etc … You can email me at

Great Gifts

It’s surprising that I have yet to post anything about Dabney Lee.  Not only is she a good friend of mine, but her paper and home goods line is what keeps me inspired and interested in this business.  The combinations of her amazingly beautiful, yet fun patterns, paired with the monogram of your choice makes for an amazing gift that the recipient is sure to love.

These square lucite trays measure 12 x 12 and are perfect for summer drinks outside, or for holding loose papers that lie around on your desk (exactly what I use it for!).  Dabney Lee uses a thick lucite tray, and what makes these so great is that the liner can be changed out.

Another great gift item are the drink coasters.  They are lightweight and easy enough to carry around with your drink, but sturdy enough that you know they are a good quality and they won’t ruin your table!

I have kept a sample of most of the work that I’ve done with Dabney Lee, so if you have a color scheme that you want to stick to, I can send you examples in those colors.  Or if you are interested in a certain pattern, I can send you all the ones I’ve done in that specific pattern.  The possibilities are endless, and this is the best part of the present… picking out what you think your friend / host would want!


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