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The Newest Thing …

The newest and hottest thing this year is the CORKCICLE!!!  It’s such a fun hostess gift, stocking stuffer, gift to oneself, etc …
Oprah listed it as one of her Favorite Things for 2012, so … it’s been hard keeping them in stock!  If Oprah likes it, there is a demand and they go quickly …
How the Corkcicle works is you put the “wand” like item in the freezer where it will freeze, and then once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, you simply put the Corkcicle in, and the bottle will be corked, and it will keep the wine chilled and won’t water it down!
It can be used time and again, and is BPA free!  Retails at $25 and is available in the colors above!  Let me know if you want to order one!!

Great Summer Notepads …

Linda & Harriett Notepads

I wrote a post a year ago about items from Linda & Harriett.  While I still do great with all their products (birthday book, calendars & greeting cards) one item that does extremely well for me is their notepads.  I stocked up on the previous designs before they stopped doing them, but the designer, Liz, has brought them back!  This time she is using a watercolor look / feel which I love.

I have already sold out of the crab notepads and had to reorder them about two weeks after getting the first shipment.  The sailboats are another favorite of my customers.  They are priced incredibly well and make a great gift!

Great Gifts

It’s surprising that I have yet to post anything about Dabney Lee.  Not only is she a good friend of mine, but her paper and home goods line is what keeps me inspired and interested in this business.  The combinations of her amazingly beautiful, yet fun patterns, paired with the monogram of your choice makes for an amazing gift that the recipient is sure to love.

These square lucite trays measure 12 x 12 and are perfect for summer drinks outside, or for holding loose papers that lie around on your desk (exactly what I use it for!).  Dabney Lee uses a thick lucite tray, and what makes these so great is that the liner can be changed out.

Another great gift item are the drink coasters.  They are lightweight and easy enough to carry around with your drink, but sturdy enough that you know they are a good quality and they won’t ruin your table!

I have kept a sample of most of the work that I’ve done with Dabney Lee, so if you have a color scheme that you want to stick to, I can send you examples in those colors.  Or if you are interested in a certain pattern, I can send you all the ones I’ve done in that specific pattern.  The possibilities are endless, and this is the best part of the present… picking out what you think your friend / host would want!


I have recently become an affiliate of which means that you can order their designs and prints through me! I absolutely love their announcements, birthday party invitations and kids stationery.  Their new, fresh designs and I haven’t even had time to explore the website because there are so many!!

To view the whole collection, you can visit Minted

Here are just a few more of my favorites …

Custom Christmas Card …

Christmas Card 2009

When a friend approached me about doing her Christmas card I was thrilled!  Although we sat for a while and talked before getting down to work, when we finally started flipping through all the books there was nothing that caught her eye.  She came prepared with the pictures she wanted to use, and had an idea of what she wanted it to look like.  As always, I turned to Jill at Copper Willow and we designed a custom card!

The pictures were taken from a family vacation and we felt that all three photographs needed to be used because they were SO great!

We did a few rounds of proofs to get this card to look amazing!  We tried printing the photographs on two types of paper.  One being a cotton piece of paper, the other photo paper.  The quality of the images was so much better on the photo paper and it really picked up the blue water, so we decided to go with that one.

Close Up Showing Crystal Embellishment

We printed on the photo paper and then to add weight to the card we backed it with a silver piece of cardstock.   The silver played well back to the grey ink that we used for the text of the card.  I love Silver around the Holidays and it worked very well on this card!

The final touch on the card was to put a crystal embellishment above the ‘i’ in rejoice!  Jill used a diamond Swarovski crystal and it made the card simply perfect!

I loved how it turned out and so did the family!  Can’t wait to do their next custom card next year … I’ll have to start thinking of new ideas now!


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